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Permanent Makeup in Pretoria,Gauteng

Eye Liner


Lip liner

Lip blend

Full lip

French Line

Scar revision / repair Areola Reconstruction

Improvement of stretch marks

Tattoo removal

Vitiligo / skin pigmentation-the

Micro needling

Collagen Induction Therapy

Chemical Peels

Frequently asked questions

Does it hurt? No. Permanent makeup is not completely painless, but is generally not perceived as pain. Thanks to the latest computer-controlled equipment and anesthetic creams there is minimal discomfort. Every client is different, some will feel vibrating or scratching and some will feel nothing at all.

For who is permanent makeup suitable? Almost everyone. Women and men who want to look great at any moment of the day, for those who need corrections, for people with allergies to regular makeup, for people who are active in sports. Permanent makeup is accepted by each population group.

How long does permanent makeup stay? In general, permanent makeup will always be present. The intensity of your permanent makeup fades in the course of time. However, this is completely dependent from person to person. This is partly due to the natural cell renewal, the immune system and the influence of UV light.

If I don’t like permanent make up, then what? This has never happened. Before we start with application, the shape will be drawn. Together with your Micropigmentologist Professional you can choose the color that suits you best. Only when everything is to your complete satisfaction, the pigmentation procedure will begin.

Do I have to choose the color by myself? No. Your Micropigmentologist Professional followed a special training on color theory and can give you expert advice which color suits you best. There is a choice from more than 66 colors for all skin types, it’s even possible to mix a custom made color to your liking.

Can I still apply regular makeup? Absolutely. Permanent makeup is not intended as replacement for evening makeup, it serves in particular to accentuate. Additional makeup can always be applied for a evening out.

Can I walk in for a treatment? Before a permanent makeup treatment, there will always be a consultation. During the consultation you can discuss with your Micropigmentologist Professional your needs and how permanent makeup can meet them, you can specify your every wish regarding permanent makeup. Of course, a sound advice is given how the best and most beautiful results with permanent makeup can be obtained.

How long does the treatment take? Generally it takes about 1 to 1½ hours, including the consultation, drawing the shape, color choice and pigmentation procedure

Is there any special after care? Basically after the application of permanent makeup there is no special after care needed. To ensure that your permanent makeup will be optimal, your Micropigmentologist Professional will give you guidelines for after care during the healing of the skin.

Is the end result immediately visible? No. The first week, the pigmentation is significantly darker than the final result. Within the first week of healing the intensity of the color will become about 40% softer. Due to the natural cell renewal, the end result of pigmentation will be visible after a period of approximately 3 to 5 weeks.

Is permanent makeup safe? Yes. We work only under the strict rules of the Health Authorities. For every treatment a new sterile needle is used which will be destroyed immediately after the treatment.

For the amount I spend on permanent makeup I can buy a lot of pencils! Indeed. However every morning is there a makeup artist who is styling your eyebrows, drawing a crisp eyeliner for you or correcting the shape of your lips? Does this makeup artist also accompany you on holiday to quickly redo your makeup as you step out of the ocean or the swimming pool? It is not just the line or contour, it comes to overall convenience that you will experience every day for years.

Is permanent makeup the same as a tattoo? The principle is similar to each other. With both procedures pigment is placed into the skin with needles, but that is the only similarity. The equipment as well as the composition of the pigments, and the techniques is completely different.

Can you make a temporary tattoo with permanent makeup? Temporary tattoos do not exist. Permanent makeup pigments fade because they are deposited less deeply into the skin and the compositions of the pigments are different. When faded, the remains of the Pigments are hardly visible anymore between lashes or along the lip line. However, total disappearance does not happen.

I am a Permanent Make-up & Intra-Dermal Reconstruction Cosmetics artist.

This includes all permanent make-up procedures as well as reconstruction procedures such as areola reconstruction and improvement of operation scars in.

Just some background, I specialize in Permanent Make-up & Intra-Dermal Reconstruction Cosmetics for the last 16 years.

I now work in over ten beauty salons in Pretoria, Northern Province, Mpumalanga and North West.

Referring plastic surgeons include Dr. Tienie van Rooyen and Dr. Eksteen.

The following procedures are available:

I naturally have very sparse brows and have always had to fill them in, and after doing research, I found Elnari!! I was a bit nervous about pain, but when I started talking to Elnari, I already felt at ease. I did not feel pain and I was done in 1 hour. I did the micro blading brows and it came out perfect, it looks natural and opens up my whole face. Thank you for your kindness Elnari and for making my brows look perfect!!

Please send your request for information using the form. We are on appointments the whole day, and we travel extensively , so will will get back to you within 24 hours..

Address: 891 Frhensch Street, Wingate Park, Pretoria, 0044, South Africa

Phone: 073 379 0147

Business Hours: 8am – 5PM Monday to Friday


  • (480) 951-0539

10201 North Scottsdale Road Suite #5 Scottsdale, AZ 85253 Inside of Sachi Studios Phone: 480-951-0539

1000 Brookfield Road Suite #100 Memphis, TN 38119 Clinic of Plastic Surgery Phone: 901-765-4700

“If you want permanent makeup, trust the best! Sally is the master!”

“The permanent eyeliner Sally did for me is great!”

“Sally is the best in the business.”

“Getting permanent eyeliner is one of the best things I could have done for myself.”

Kosmetik Graz | Permanent Make Up

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Willkommen in der Welt der natürlichen Schönheit ohne Schminkstress

Morgendlicher Schminkstress gehört der Vergangenheit an. Richtig geformte Augenbrauen, ein tadelloser Lidstrich und schöne Lippenkonturen. Ihr individuell auf Sie abgestimmtes Dauer-Make-Up hält 1-3 Jahre und lässt Sie überall gut aussehen.

Mit der richtigen Technik und dem richtigen Verständnis für Ihre Natürlichkeit wird Ihr Permanent Make Up einzigartig und unterstreicht Ihre natürliche Schönheit.

Wir rücken Ihre natürliche Schönheit in das richtige Licht. 

It’s New. It’s Hot.

Mit den speziellen NANO-NT Hygienemodulen lassen sich außergewöhnlich natürliche Ergebnisse beim Permanent Make up erzielen.

Diese Technik ist mit der Trendtechnik Microblading vergleichbar.

Nano-Nt. Der neue Trend.

Inovativ. Trendy.

ästhetikbeauty by Waltraud Schröttner

ab 390 €

Augenbrauen sind die Rahmen des Gesichtes. Gepflegte und gut geformte Augenbrauen lassen Sie neu erstrahlen.

ab 250€

Sehr natürlich wirkt eine Verdunkelung der Haut zwischen den Wimpern, dadurch wirken Ihre Augen strahlender.

ab 490€

Natürliches Lippenvolumen durch eine spezielle Pigmentiertechnik.

Preis auf Anfrage

Botox und Hyaluronsäure zaubern Fältchen und Falten weg.

Willkommen in unserem Studio

Die Kunst ist es, ein Gesicht trotz Make Up ganz natürlich aussehen zu lassen.

Eine der wichtigsten Grundlagen des Pigmentierens, das Vorzeichnen der zu betonenden Stellen im Gesicht, sollten Sie nur bei einem absoluten Profi überlassen. Waltraud Schröttner ist die Pionierin des Permanent Make-ups in Österreich.

Sie erhalten bei uns im Studio eine umfassende Typ- und Farbberatung, um Ihnen ein harmonisches Permanent Make Up in Ihr Gesicht zu zaubern, welches auch Ihr Selbstwertgefühl steigert.

Top Angebot

Neyes-Brows-Bar in Graz

Die Perfekte Art des Augenbrauen-Stylings:Die Augenbrauen prägen ein Gesicht enorm, leider werden Sie häufig vernachlässigt.

Brauen vermessen - stylen und mit Neyes - spezialfärben


W hat else?

Herrgottwiesgasse 79A-8020 Graz

Tel.: +43 316 27 12 32Mobil: +43 664 2055050Mobil: +43 664 2002003

[email protected]

Lisa Twigger Permanent Make-up & Advanced Therapies

We have moved! Our new address is 99 The Ropewalk, Nottingham, NG1 5DU

Lisa Twigger specialises in the art of Permanent make-up applications throughout the UK and has been established since 1995. She is also qualified in tattoo removal using the Tattoo Removal technique.

At Permanent Make-up by Lisa Twigger, we offer both Permanent Cosmetic Tattooing and Microblading.

Since qualifying in 1995 Lisa has kept up to date with all new techniques, constantly completing courses from Microblading, Smokey eye techniques to Tattoo Removal. She works with current state of the art equipment and offers some of the most advanced application techniques.

Lisa is a qualified trainer in all aspects of Cosmetic tattooing, most recently passing her VTCT level 4. As well as being a permanent make-up artist. Lisa also owns Lisa Twigger Permanent Make-up Training Academy and shares her knowledge with students on a weekly basis. Lisa believes you never stop learning and you should always be one step ahead of the game.

We have moved! Check out our new clinic

Below is a gallery of images of the new clinic during its transformation

Check out our online treatment gallery Click Here

Follow us and keep up to date with our latest treatments and news.

We use the latest equipment to deliver top-class Permanent make-up treatment services.

Our team consists of professionally trained therapists who are highly trained to serve our patients’ needs.

The skills of our therapists and efficient treatment bring the desired results our clients expect.

We can advise on which treatments you require if you are unsure. If you have any medical conditions please let us know and we will be to advise you accordingly.

I was apprehensive in approaching anyone to help disguise a scar I had on my lip. It had changed my lip shape and I was very conscious of it. After discussing it with Lisa (who was recommended to me). I decided to have a permanent lip tattoo. The result was fantastic. The scaring had disappeared, my lips are fuller and I am so pleased with them. I believe Lisa is one of the best around when performing something so personal and life changing.

The Salon was welcoming and Lisa explained everything step by step. I'm being truthful when I say at the beginning there was no pain just a little discomfort. The anesthetic cream soon worked and I was settled and relaxed.Thank you so much Lisa, I now have a spring in my step and feel good about myself, in fact because the brows are so neat I look in the mirror several times a day just to check they really are real. A lot of my friends who knew I was having them done at last, have made encouraging comments about my brows, and more confident about myself.

At the consultation I was immediately put at ease and reassured that she could help me. Lisa is very professional and seemed genuinely interested in making things right for me. I’m happy to recommend Lisa to anyone, and whilst she is not the cheapest therapist you will find, please don’t let that put you off because her work is worth every penny.

Butterfly Effect Beauty Salon

Welcome to Butterfly Effect 

Professional, Rathfarnham based Permanent Make up and Beauty Salon. We offer a variety of permanent make up procedures for Eyebrows, Eyeliner and Lips. We also offer a wide range of Professional Beauty Treatments like – professional pedicure, shellac nails, anti-wrinkle treatment no needle fillers, microdermabrasion, mesotheraphy, waxing, Eyelash extension, full range of facials and much more.

Permanent Makeup & Beauty Salon 1 Blackburn Square, Rathfarnham Gate, E: [email protected] M: 089 4751746

If you don’t want your make up to wear off after all day, or when you swim or during the work out you should consider getting Permanent Make Up on your eyes, eyebrows and lips. There are many benefits from getting permanent micro-pigmentation:

  • Lip colour stays on while you eat
  • Lip shape correction
  • Lip coulor correction
  • Lip contour emphasize
  • Eyes look bigger no panda effect
  • Thin or blonde eyebrows looks darker and thicker

If you have a query or would like to discuss any of the services please call on 089 4751746 or email [email protected]

FAQs -

Permanent Makeup is incredibly popular today. There are many real benefits, and they are long-lasting. This cosmetic solution offers tremendous value when you compare it to anything and everything else in personal beauty.You get started by realizing this is an industry which does not offer you the same consistent experience like walking into McDonald’s, Target, Macy’s, or Walgreens, where you know exactly what you’re going to get and what kind of experience you’re going to have.Remember you have but one face. Do you want to trust putting it in the hands of just anyone because they are conveniently located or the price is right? Bad permanent makeup can make a mess of your appearance, self-image, and attitude about life. It can cost you far more than the cost of the procedure. The pain of overcoming such a common mistake is physical, emotional, and financial.

Not all permanent makeup artists are equal. Not all are properly trained. Anyone can call herself or himself certified, an artist, or a professional. The proof is in their performance, and you wear the results on your face.

It’s very important you do your research. I recommend the internet because there is a ton of information on the subject. It’s right at your fingertips. You can look and read any time you want. You can look at websites, YouTube videos, and before/after photos for the quality of an artist’s work. You can learn about their knowledge and skills by the quality of their online content. You can see reviews and testimonials posted by other users.

Also, ask people whose opinions you value and trust for recommendations or referrals of permanent makeup professionals. Ask your doctor, your hairdresser, or someone whose permanent makeup you like.

I highly recommend seeing one or more artists or technicians for a consultation. It’s one of my most valuable recommendations, and one of my favorite things to do in my job.

I invite you to take advantage of a consultation. There is no-risk and no obligation. You simply come in and tell me what you think you want. Let me make recommendations and also show you with topical makeup how you will look if you go forward with the procedure. In less than 30 minutes you can literally see and hear for yourself if it’s really what you want to have done, and if I’m the right professional for you.

You can even have your permanent makeup done the same day as you have a consultation. I will never do your procedure without showing you first. Simply tell me at the time of scheduling your consultation that you might want to do the procedure the same day, and I will leave time open for you.

NOTE: If a permanent makeup technician can’t show you what you will look like using topical makeup, you probably do not want to assume the risks they can somehow do it using cosmetic tattooing.

Microblading & Permanent Makeup Salon & Training in NYC※※※ TIAN Studio

100 hr | $5,000.00

Powder eyebrows, lips and eyes

6 DAY | $8280.00

By SilhouetteS CraftMaster: Anna Ishutina With online course (41 lessons)

3 hr | $375.00

You will learn how to apply makeup artistry skills to permanent makeup.

3 DAYS | $3,050.00

For beginners. Kit is included. Small group. Hands-on Training.

1 DAY | $1,050.00

Learn how to apply stardust technique in permanent makeup for eyes.

1 DAY | $1,050.00

Learn how to create classic black eyeliners and prevent it from becoming blue in a future.

1 DAY | $1,050.00

Learn how to create non-contour lips and lip blush.

1 DAY | $1,350.00

How to remove old tattoos and use skin colors

2 DAYS | $3,050.00

Learn how to do Hair Follicle Simulation with NPM Roller. (student responsible to bring a model)

1 DAY | $2,050.00

Student Responsible to bring a model

$1,550.00 Magic Shading Technique – Shading technique for eyebrows

$1,550.00 Stardust Technique – Shading technique with two (and more) colors.

$1,550.00 Superbright Shading Technique – Lipstick effect

I took advanced courses with Anna Ishutina at Tian. The experience was fabulous! Anna is very patient when she’s teaching. She makes sure you understand the method before she moves on to another skill set. I learned so much from her. Thank you for your contributions to the permanent makeup field!

Taking the permanent makeup course with Anna at Tian permanent makeup academy was a total life changer. I previously took a Microblading course elsewhere a year prior, but with learning along side Anna was by far the most educational experience. This course allowed me to expand my services and my knowledge in the permanent makeup…

TIAN Permanent Makeup and Microblading Training Center is an excellent training facility. The teacher Anna is a highly experienced teacher and she’s extremely dedicated at what she does. I’m definitely going back soon to take more classes with them.

I took the Basic permanent makeup course with Anna and it was incredible! Anna has an amazing styling of teaching that is very easy to understand. She is professional and highly knowledgeable when it comes to PMU. Not only did I learn so much from this course it was FUN! The classes are small and…

I originally went to TIAN to get my eyebrows microbladed and get my lips done a lighter color. Anna did both for me that day. She spent so much time with me, making me feel comfortable and making sure I was happy with the results. It has been around 6 months since then and I…

Anna is the best.. I don’t care where you go.. I’m sure at some point u will came to her.. she such an amazing, patient and very talented person.. knows her shit too.. very professional.. love her very much.. and so will you.. thanks Anna

Come to visit us and join our team!

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